Info for our figure models and prospective figure models:

At the BFAC we respect and cherish our models. We try to keep as many of our long-standing models on the rotation as possible, while also reserving some sessions for new models. We like to see a variety of models, and the only requirements to model for us are the willingness to consider it a job (show up, on time), and also a vocation (help inspire us to draw and paint well.)

To that end, if we hire a model for a Monday evening (for example), we will need to confirm by text, phone, or email by 5pm the evening before, or the organizers reserve the right to hire someone else to model for the following night. The organizer will reach out to the model, but if they are unresponsive we’ll have to assume that the model is either in California, is violently ill, forgot, or has pet mice that are ill (all of which have occurred). So models, please be sure that you’ve exchanged phone numbers and email addresses with your session host, and feel free to confirm with us the day before, no need to wait for us to call, text, or email.

To introduce yourself to us as a potential new model, please email our model coordinator at, who will ask you to do a little online prep reading, set up a date during a session when you can come in and introduce yourself, see the studio (and figure out how to get there and how long it takes to arrive).  Have a beer, listen to the music, have a brief chat with our model coordinator, and we’ll likely set  you up with a date to model (though it may not be until a month or two out.)

For new models, here are some links to online information about being a figure model (links will open in a new page):

How To Become A Life Drawing Model

How To Be A Nude Art Model, Part 1

How To Be A Nude Art Model, Part 2

Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1758-1823

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