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BFAC Studio Etiquette

This is a community that only works well if everyone pitches in and helps keep things running smoothly.

BFAC as a group is relatively informal, our sessions are casual, and we want people to enjoy their time with us, but we do expect both artists and models to behave professionally.


•Be respectful to our models.

Being nude is a vulnerable state; please err on the side of caution and consideration. The model stand is the model’s exclusive space. NEVER touch a model, their clothes, or their hair, or approach the model stand without permission. Do not intrude on the model; do not make comments about them, or offer unsolicited feedback about their poses or appearance. Be aware that comments you make, even when not specifically directed at the model, can be overheard and can give offense.

If you notice that a long pose is out of alignment, notify the host, who will ask the model to make adjustments.

PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE MODEL IS NOT ALLOWED without explicit permission from the model, obtained beforehand. Photography for other purposes while a model is working is discouraged, except to document your own artwork. Hosts may occasionally take photographs of artists working in the studio for our promotional purposes.

•Be respectful to the other artists in the room.

Keep talking and noise to a minimum while the model is posing. (The breaks between poses are the best time for socializing.) If you don’t like the host’s choice of background music, feel free to make suggestions or bring earbuds for your own device. If there’s an issue relating to easel positions or lines of sight, ask the host to make adjustments. Direct any other questions to the session host.

•Be respectful to the host.

Our hosts are volunteers and we are here to ensure that everyone has a successful session. Try to be on time or even ahead of time. The studio is usually open at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled hour. Being on time will help ensure that you get a good easel spot, as well as not being a disruption once people have started to work. For month-long pose sessions, artists who attend the first session have priority in the choice of easel locations and should mark the floor at their chosen spot.

•Be respectful of the studio.

At the end of the session, clean your area. Wipe down your easel and return it and any other furniture to their designated storage areas. Clean up any paint and solvent drippings, pencil shavings, and pieces of charcoal from the floor. Place all trash, including empty bottles and cups, in the provided trash cans.

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